Who are we?

Kellys Express is Indonesia's leading Moving and Mobility provider, based in Jakarta. We have moved client's property to every part of the globe and our reputation and Commitment to Service is first class. If you are a large organisation, an expat relocating or moving locally in the region, we can help you. We think outside the box!

Kellys Express's culture is having the ability to adapt quickly to our customer needs and requirements.  Since the company was formed in 2007 till now, we have always put the client first and our commitment to service has always been our number one goal. We are striving now after years of hard work and as a small family based company, we always aim for that personal touch with our clients. This makes us the leading relocation company in all of Indonesia. 

We have affiliations with reputable associations all over the world such as IAM (International Association of Movers), PAIMA (Pan American International Movers Association), Euromovers, IMC (International Mobility Convention). With hundreds of locations and thousands of members worldwide, we have built a global network of carefully hand selected partners who are ready to work together seamlessly to move clients anywhere in the world.  Kellys Express has also built an international reputation by providing a dependable, reliable and a trustworthy transportation services. Based on feedback from many customers, we have become a valuable company that provides the most competitive rates than compared to any other International Mover and Relocation Company

Why choose Kellys?

We believe Kellys Express is your best choice because we:

  • Provide first class technical capability along with a commitment to quality and excellent service.

  • Have an established record in the provision of home moving and relocations.

  • We have a well-qualified and an experienced team of managers and movers. The move teams have years of experience, excellent teamwork skills and are well lead. This expertise has been developed over years of working together in the planning and execution of moves and relocations.

  • Our prices are competitively priced.

  • Provide excellent after sales service to maintain long-term relationships.

At Kellys Express, we know that our clients deserve the best. When it comes to International moving, our experience will give you the best service door-to-door.

When you entrust us with your precious possessions, you know you have placed them in the best hands anywhere in the world.


Our Services

Residential Moves

Pre-Move Survey

For us, the most important first step in helping you prepare to move is to meet you in your home or residence. Our English-speaking surveyor, who will often be accompanied by a member of senior management, will evaluate your packing requirements, and explain and show our packing methods. The surveyor will ask you about your plans, move timings, specific needs, and any special packing details.

Moving Proposal

Once the Pre-Move survey is complete, we will provide you a detailed Door to Door (DTD) quote. The quotation will include information about the services that will be provided, timings and destination details. It will also identify the key services that will be provided.

Moving Protection

On the scheduled day of packing, Kellys staff will come to your home equipped with packing materials and packing cases. They will carefully pack and prepare your belongings for transit.

We use only the finest quality packing materials, including bubble wrap, Styrofoam sheets, foam sheets, tissue paper, cardboard sheets, wardrobe cartons, and various size cartons.

If in planning your move, you would like to pack very personal items yourself then we will provide the materials you need to do this at no extra cost. Please ask our representative for more information if you would like to do this.

International Moves

When you are making an international move, the selection of the mover is most important, because your whole moving experience depends on the selection of the right international mover.

It is not easy to search the internet for international relocation services, because of the sheer numbers of listings. Making the correct selection of an overseas mover can be a complex, confusing and a daunting task.

At Kellys Express we can help you with all your international moving needs, because we have many years of experience moving residential and business clients around the globe.

The transportation of your belongings between international borders requires at least two movers. One located at the starting point and one at the destination. Usually, the agent at the starting point is also the booker, who is responsible for organising the international relocation.

The agent at the destination can also be the booker and you will be able to choose the agent at your destination.

At Kellys Express we can organise all the moving details and contact a broker at your destination. We will take care of all customs formalities so your international moving experience will be totally under our control for your peace of mind

Office Moves

Kellys Express can organise all your moving needs from small business premises, to multinational companies across the city or to any part of the world.

The business of moving an office

Moving a business be a very critical operation for your company. During the moving process, sections of your company will be out of business. Your everyday office equipment, files, computers, records, and phones will be inaccessible. Staff may not be able to access the tools they need to serve your customers. You cannot afford to trust your company to a mover that may not perform to your expectations.

At Kellys Express we know about commercial moving and have built a reputation for excellence. Having dealt with many high-profile clients, we know how sensitive the downtime can be.

Experience counts

Hiring an experienced, office relocation company will assure your business is moved quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, minimizing the time you are unable to continue working. With Kellys Express your employees will leave work at the closing time and arrive on the first day at the new office, ready to continue with their everyday assignments. Kellys Express will perform relocations after office hours and over weekends, to allow you to run your business at your new location as soon as you open the door.

Our clients trust us, because they know we have the depth of experience to move businesses any size, quickly and efficiently. Our service network is better than everything else.

Special Products

We move pretty much everything from your Ming vase to your grand piano, Kellys Express can move them all. We understand your needs, because we have years of experience with delicate cargo – art, antiques, artefacts & other fragile items.

Global Mobility Services

At Kellys Express, we will provide a full range of global relocation solutions which will take you from A to B with absolutely no stress whatsoever. Each program will be customized to your own personal needs and goals 

Our commitment to service to mobility extends beyond the simple relocation process. We aim to gain a full understanding about your assignments and your personal needs. We have ensured that our framework is up to date and detailed well so that you have the best options available to you. Our trusted partners in Indonesia and around the world means you will receive the best service from the beginning right until the time comes for your next relocation. We will take care of all your needs from taxing, immigration, housing and many more. 

We deliver

Kellys Express specialises in shipping large antiques and unusual objects including pianos, furniture, and other large household items, as well as commercial display pieces, antique furniture, from Indonesia and more.

Kellys Express antique shipping service is available to meet your needs. It is a safe, economical way to ship antiques and with packing and crating being done at your home or office using the latest packing material.

A team of antique shipping professionals, carefully prepare your antique pieces for transport, and gently unpack them at delivery. You get a perfect combination of economy and safe handling for shipping antiques of any kind.

A Kellys Express antique shipping specialist will explain everything clearly. Our low antique shipping rates mean you get the best deal, and our personal approach means you get better service and complete satisfaction.

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